COVID-19 Virtual Assistant helps in diagnose.

COVID-19 Virtual Assistant is a chatbot that can guide you to pre-diagnose if you are infected by SARS-CoV-2, this digital tool uses a knowledge base on mexican protocols to determine if you need medical assistance.

In order to have better results, we got strategic allies on the Instituto Universitario de Ciencias Médicas y Humanísticas de Nayarit, to share a common knowledge base on the epidemiologic control, and to ensure that the virtual assistan can lead to more accurate results.

At this day (24/3/2020) there are close to 420,000 cases on the world, and an extended pandemic in the whole world, with an epicenter on Europe that is quickly migrating to Americas.

How to use it?

The COVID-19 Virtual Assistant is ready to use in the site, on the landing page you can found an input to start a new conversation with the bot, in case you want to have a full page conversation, you can click on the down site bubble that opens a full window for chatting with the assistant.

You can say things as:

  • am i sick?
  • Wich are the symptoms?
  • What is coronavirus?
  • I want to start a pre diagnose

With this phrases the bot will detect your interactions and will guide you through the multiples options the virtual assistant have.

How it determines if i need medical help?

We took mexican medicals protocols that are found on the “about” section of our COVID-19 site to evaluate the patient situation and determine if this person needs medical assistance, we take a review over the different digital tools that are analyzing COVID-19 symptoms to start determining if is a case that needs urgent attention from medical part.

At this moment we consider the virtual assistant is in a beta phase and can be upgraded, as more data about COVID-19 is published, if you consider you can help email us at

Soon, the sun will shine again #StayAtHome

In Mexico, and in most countries with COVID-19, governments suggest to #StayAtHome, no more, just this; this are hard time and needs the help of all us around the world, and soon, sooner than we think, the sun will shine again.

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