Web Fundamentals Development (WFD) Bootcamp – Recruitment training, august 2021.

In CloudMex Analytics, we are looking for talented people who want to learn how to develop web based applications for the professional world and start their career in software development. WFD is a full week training, where you will be guided by professional in tech instructors.

What will I learn in the WFD?

You will learn the MERN Stack for web application development.

What is the final product of the WFD?

A functional web app running in production.

Who can participate in the WFD?

Anybody interested in developing web applications can participate in the WFD, but it is directed to recent graduates from university in careers oriented to coding.

What comes after WFD?

Once you successfully finish the WFD, you will be invited to join our paid training program in CloudMex Analytics, learning how to become a full stack developer. 

And after?

An invitation to join the CloudMex Analytics crew.

What is CloudMex Analytics?

We are a tech company based in Mexico that works on software projects internationally, highly focused on blockchain development (Do you know bitcoin?).

How do I register?

Fill the form: https://forms.gle/bARKXQs7KbKXM9Rr7

Where can I find more information about WFD?

Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/REpchungS9


Free, in fact, the best project receives a $100 USD reward paid in crypto tokens.

Next date:

August 16 to 20, 2021.

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